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Jul 30th, 2012


The aunt that wanted more

A 33 yo aunt takes her 21 yo nephew on a Summer vacations. She said she was...

May 8th, 2012


Aunt's pet for one more year

For the last 3 years I've been living with my divorced aunt and her son, my...

Mar 28th, 2012


My available aunt

My aunt's divorce wasn't only good for her but for me too. I was looking fo...

Jan 4th, 2012


You can't do this to your au...

I never got married and my work is everything to me. I travel on business a...

Nov 20th, 2011


My aunt was my first girl.

My father came from a big family. He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters and he's ...

Sep 13th, 2011


Taking advantage of the situ...

During Summer my uncle invited me to work at his computer shop. I would do ...

Aug 21st, 2011


My aunt gives me pussy

My mother's side of the family is from Italy and since a teenager I've been...

Jun 9th, 2011


My Dad's youngest sister

I come from a very large Spanish family. My grand-parents had 7 kids and th...

May 2nd, 2011


My aunt was a big mistake

After 4 years married me and my wife decided to get separated. After I left...

Aug 14th, 2010


With a joke I ended in my au...

It started as a joke. I went out with my aunt to help her choose a new car ...

May 15th, 2010


Pregnant and horny aunt

I'm the yougest of seven sisters and I'm only 9 years older than my older s...

May 7th, 2010


Aunt still prays, but for a ...

Before, my aunt was always praying for me to change, to be a devoted man li...

Apr 8th, 2010


Aunt loves all her toys

My aunt is a sex addicted woman, she got married to a older man who couldn'...

Mar 31st, 2010


With a aunt like this who ne...

The moment she decided she wanted to have sex with I didn't had a escape. I...

Feb 26th, 2010


Screwing my nephew

My older sister was always troubles. She's drug addict, she got pregnant ve...

Jan 22nd, 2010


My aunt Gizelda is crazy

One week before my birthday my aunt called me and asked not to schedule any...

Jan 20th, 2010


Aunt caught by surprise

For the first time in my life I've seen my aunt feeling unconfortable in a ...

Jan 3rd, 2010


Aunt needs a thing from you

My nephew was always very educated, so educated that it turns me on, I don'...

Dec 12th, 2009


My submissive aunt

She really likes to be a submissive bitch, I found out this by luck on some...

Aug 13th, 2009


My aunt the photographer

My aunt is a photographer and asked me if she could take some photos of me ...

Jun 16th, 2009


Aunt's threesome

My mother's youngest sister got married last year but she and her husband l...

Dec 24th, 2008


Teaching my nephew

My sons went away for a month on vacations and my nephew came to my house t...

Jul 4th, 2008


Aunt showing me her stuff

My aunt asked me to go to her place to bring so old clothes she wanted to g...

Mar 16th, 2008


Aunt punished me.

My aunt got hungry. She was feeling s horny and excited that she wanted me ...

Jan 22nd, 2008


Satisfy your horny aunt

Since my uncle died and left my aunt a lot of money my aunt only lives to s...

Jul 10th, 2007


Single aunt

For my aunt was always dificult to have a relation. Normally she starts dat...

Jun 30th, 2007


I've been a good boy

My cousin is a geek and my aunt is always trying to make us bestfriends. I ...

Mar 7th, 2007


Mom's little sister.

My aunt is single and use to hang out with us. she's 12 years older than us...

Mar 1st, 2007


Big tits aunt

My aunt has everything I like on a woman, big tits and ass, she's mad about...

Feb 25th, 2007


Our bank.

Me and my cousin know how to get money from our aunt. She's single, full of...