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Feb 10th, 2010


Never alone.

Since my grandmom died my grandpa went to live with us he's always at home ...

May 5th, 2009


Granny's way - Nothing is fo...

Since my last girlfriend kick me off of her apartment I went to live with m...

Jun 28th, 2008


Alway young granny

My granny doesn't like to grow old, she's always fighting her real age. She...

Jun 10th, 2008


Keeping grandpa happy.

I'm his favorite grand-daughter and I'm working for my future. All my famil...

Oct 17th, 2007


Granny does it.

I needed money and accepted to make some videos for a friend of mine. He ne...

Mar 17th, 2007


Rich and horny.

My grand-mother is always horny and she doesn't try to hide it every time s...

Jan 12th, 2007



I pretend I don't see him but my grand-father is always spying on me around...

Sep 22nd, 2006


Bath for two.

My grandpa enter the bathroom while I was having a bath. I was surprised wh...

May 14th, 2006



My grandpa is always after me. When I'm alone at home with him is always to...

Mar 27th, 2006


Grandma, grandma.

I went to live with my grandma and soon I understud why she was so keen on ...

Jan 26th, 2006


Crazy grandpa.

I really don't mind to let my grandpa play with me, he likes to lick my pus...

Jan 8th, 2006


Private lessons.

I'm having some dificulties at school and my parents asked my granny to giv...

Nov 3rd, 2005


My whore.

My grand-daughter is really a mean person but she hides it very well from t...

Oct 28th, 2005


The laudry

I though I had convinsed my granny to do me the laundry for free but she wa...

Oct 20th, 2005



I know when my grandpa is spying on me, he watches and jerks off behind the...

Oct 16th, 2005


At the farm.

I took some models to make some pictures at my granny's farm, she said if I...

Oct 13th, 2005


Need some money.

Friday night is when I go out with my friends but normally I don't have any...

Sep 30th, 2005


Granny's party.

Me and my cousins decided to give granny a birthday party she wouldn't forg...

Sep 28th, 2005


Grandpa licks.

I never knew my grandpa would do such a thing with me but the truth is that...

Sep 4th, 2005


When I'm alone.

My grandpa knows I'm alone during the afternoon while my parents are at wor...

May 14th, 2005


Now I know.

Yes, now I know why there isn't women enough to satisfy him, my grandpa, hi...

Mar 12th, 2005


Birthday party.

On my birthday me and my mom were in the kitchen doing the cake and the din...

Mar 11th, 2005


Giving some help.

Since my grandma died my grandpa stayed alone so I went to live with him. H...

Jan 5th, 2005


On top of me.

One morning I wake up with my grandpa on top of me, he told me not to screa...

Jan 2nd, 2005


Let me sleep.

My grandpa always wakes me up at 8:00 AM, he says it's the only time in the...

Dec 9th, 2004


Putting grandpa to sleep.

My grandpa is a bit sick and I normally help him to go to bed. I think his ...

Oct 1st, 2004


Lonely souls.

I was raised by my grand-mother, she lost her husband very early in her lif...

Sep 20th, 2004


The oral expert.

I never though my grandmom coud do such great blowjobs. I remmember my gran...

Sep 18th, 2004


Only with mask.

After spending a lot of time I convinced my grandmom to have a photo sessio...

Aug 25th, 2004


For the weekend.

I'm in the army and I go to spend the weekends at my grand-mother's house. ...