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Jan 30th, 2012


British mother and daughter ...

For this mother and daughter dogging is their favorite free time hobby. The...

Aug 20th, 2010


Mom´s new boobs

My mother finally convinced my father to pay her a boob job.It took a while...

Nov 2nd, 2009


Mom's boyfriend got lucky

I didn't know what was coming when I started dating the mother but soon I r...

Jun 5th, 2008


18 years old Irina and her m...

Here is young russian Irina, this time with her mother, the only family mem...

Mar 1st, 2006


Give it all to me (Part 2 of...

Mom, at first didn't like the ideia of licking pussies she said she would n...

Feb 19th, 2006


Give it all to me (Part 1 of...

When my dad has to travel I'm the only one who can relieve my mother's sexu...

Oct 19th, 2005


Teacher at home.

My mother is a teacher and I, even at home can't escape from her discipline...

Jun 25th, 2005


Blow job lesson.

The mother takes her daughter to a friend to learn how to do a blow job. Th...

May 22nd, 2005


Wild girls.

I don't know exactly who's the wildest, my daughter or me. I can say that I...

Apr 27th, 2005


...and friends.

My mother invites her friend Mary, who brings her husband. I bring my boyfr...

Apr 18th, 2005


The twins.

We found some new pictures from this trio and decided to add it again. This...

Apr 11th, 2005


Wild mother.

This is a typical story, a mother that doesn't want to look as one, paints ...

Apr 2nd, 2005


Want some chocolate?

A very messy photo session, mother and daughter got really wild with each o...

Mar 25th, 2005


Photo session.

Believe it or not, this two girls are mother and daughter, they are from it...

Mar 21st, 2005


Wedding Dress.

Unusual photos taken just before the daughter's wedding. Mother and daughte...

Nov 10th, 2004


Making Dad's happy.

Everytime I go home my Dad doesn't let me leave without remmembering the ol...

Nov 5th, 2004


Mom accepted.

My mother always accepted I fucked my brother, she does it too. When my bro...

Oct 31st, 2004


Playing with her toys.

We have a lot of fun together, if we have each other and our favorite toys ...

Oct 27th, 2004


Lesbian show.

We always were more like sisters than mother and daughter. My father went a...

Jul 28th, 2004


Dildo lesson.

My mother teach me the best ways to use a vibrator. She said a vibrator is ...

May 10th, 2004


Mom's gift.

She enter my bedroom and wanted to give me a gift she bought for me. I was ...

May 5th, 2004


Mom gives them some help.

Initially it was to be only me with my cousin Ivan but because it was a bit...

Feb 11th, 2004


I've been naughty.

My mother likes to punish me. This time she came from work and I didn't do ...

Feb 8th, 2004


Giving Mom a lesson.

Me and my mom like to play sex games and this time I had to fuck her with a...

Dec 6th, 2003


Dad came home earlier.

He came home earlier because they beg him to come, they were really needing...

Dec 5th, 2003


No men at home

Even when the men are not at home and they feel horny with her pussies drip...

Jul 28th, 2003


Sharing the same cock.

Susan, the mother is a widow. Anne, the daughter is single so they like to ...

Jun 17th, 2003


Eva, her mother and two aunt...

Eva is the young one on the left side of the picture and on the sofa are he...

May 27th, 2003


Come to mommy or make mommy ...

They went to the studio to make more photos but the guy coudn't come so the...

May 7th, 2003


Their first experience toget...

They never liked each other but because of our photo sessions they became more closer.