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May 17th, 2013


Niece keeps family tradition

The guy wrote in a forum that in his family women has kids early. It all st...

Dec 23rd, 2012


Uncle needs a hand massage

The girl wrote on her blog that because she owed money to a lot of people i...

Sep 3rd, 2012


Grandma put us together

I was informed that my grand-mother left half of her house to me and the ot...

Aug 3rd, 2012


Without a choice

She wrote she always admired her mother's youngest brother and when she wen...

Apr 24th, 2012


We let it append

My uncle raised me since I was 14, he's my mother's younger brother and aft...

Mar 9th, 2012


Keeping the family tradition

Women in my family always were very fertile, my grand-mother married once, ...

Dec 10th, 2011


Spanish uncle and niece 3

It was a great time but ended badly, I found out that he wanted to leave me...

Dec 9th, 2011


Spanish uncle and niece 2

Four years passed we both went to college and there we had a complete new f...

Dec 8th, 2011


Spanish uncle and niece 1

My grand-mother died when my uncle was only 15 so he came to live with us. ...

Apr 16th, 2011


Uncle, do you want a piece o...

My mother is the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters and she almost raised her...

Jan 28th, 2011


Keeping my uncle focused

My father is from Argentina and he got married with my mother who is from C...

Jul 12th, 2010


My uncle´s private side

Some time ago I´ve started to date a friend of my uncle, and we started to...

Apr 30th, 2010


Looking for my niece

My oldest brother asked me to go look for a daughter he has in Hong Kong. 2...

Apr 26th, 2010


My niece does some good work...

I left my home town very early to have a better life but I wasn't very luck...

Apr 17th, 2010


Am I doing it alright like t...

I finally got some attemtion from my uncle, I was after him for a while. He...

Mar 24th, 2010


Runs in the family

I guess we are all sez addicts in this family, starting with my grand-mothe...

Oct 18th, 2009


This was the trip of my drea...

Me and my uncle organized a trip for a full month, it wasn't the first one ...

Oct 1st, 2009


My nice niece (part 2)

Shw likes to hang around the house in underwear or half naked but when she ...

Sep 29th, 2009


My nice niece (part 1)

Since my sister got divorced 4 years ago she's always at the psichiatric ho...

Sep 2nd, 2009


The best solution

I've started dating my niece but some time after we started it became very ...

Aug 1st, 2009


Parties at my niece's

I became widow very early and because I live alone since then my niece invi...

Jul 18th, 2009


The secret I didn't wanna kn...

I found on my mother's closet an old shoes box with some family photos and ...

May 22nd, 2009


Uncle taught me things

I didn't seen my uncle since he went to the navy 6 months ago. When I found...

May 2nd, 2009


Uncle and secret lover

I started a relation with my mother's youngest brother. He was always very ...

Apr 14th, 2009


My uncle did me

I went away from my home town to earn money and send some to my sick mother...

Mar 11th, 2009


Paying for uncle's services

I've asked my uncle to come and try to fix my shower. I told him that I cou...

Oct 3rd, 2008


A crush for my uncle

I always had a crush for my uncle, my mother's youngest brother, but since ...

Sep 13th, 2008


Hard was to start (part 2/2)

It was a slow start, my uncle wasn't able to get it hard we had to relax fo...

Sep 11th, 2008


Hard was to start (part 1/2)

My uncle was having some difficulties finding a job and his debts were grow...

Aug 4th, 2008


After the accident...

My uncle had a car accident and during several months he couldn't walk so I...