Father and Daughter

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Dad's second blowjob

20 Jan 2018


She told that her first try sucking her Dad's was a kind of a disaster but she promised to do it better the second time. She says that at least this time he came but she wants to practice a lot more.

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Mother and daughter on...

30 Dec 2017


He said that at first he didn't like the idea of his daughter going to work at the same place that his wife (her mother) but after a few months they started working on different shifts so one of them is always at home when the other is not. This makes things...

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Slut just like her...

19 Dec 2017


He says that when he started dating her mother he also started fucking her daughter. He got married a year later and she never suspected about it. Her mother is a slut in bed but a very classy girl while her daughter is a slut all the time, and likes to be...

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Working for her Xmas...

05 Dec 2017


At home, she says that is her mother who controls the money, her step-father is just her mother's pet but he has his ways to make her do what he wants, so if she wants something and her mother already told her she won't give her, she has to turn to her...

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What her mother...

04 Dec 2017


Her grand-mother fell, broke a leg and has to be in bed for a few days so her mother asked her step-father to take her to her grand-mother's house (a 2 hours trip by car), she wanted to stay with her until she could get out of bed. She also decided to go to...

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When the boss is her...

29 Nov 2017


She said the that her mother met her step-father while she started working for him as a secretary, now 5 years passed and she's married to him and she (her daughter) took her mother's place at the office. She thinks she even does a better job than her mother...

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Getting home from work...

29 Nov 2017


After leaving her boyfriend, she and her kid went to live with her parents again. Her father got her a job at the factory where he works and when they are working on the same shift she gets a ride home on her father's car, but he always makes a quick stop on...

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With Dad and her...

23 Nov 2017


After being away for a few months she's finally back at her father's. He left her mother and married again and she says that her step-mother is the opposite of her mother, she likes to talk with her and most important she doesn't mind sharing her husband with...

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Dad caught her having...

16 Nov 2017


She says her Dad works as a security in a shopping mall and when he's on the night shift he gets home in the morning at the same time she's getting ready to go to work. This time he cough her having a bath and decided to join her.

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Dad's home and wants...

03 Nov 2017


When her step-father gets home earlier from work he doesn't waist any time. He knows that in less than two hours her mother arrives home from work so he takes off his clothes while he goes up the stairs, throws them up in his bedroom and goes directly to his...

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Father, daughter and...

01 Nov 2017


She said that when her father left her mother he started dating her boss, that later became also her step-mother. Her mother thinks her father left her because of her boss but the truth is much complicated than that. Her Dad left her Mom because he was...

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Daughter tries to get...

29 Oct 2017


Well it's seems some one made a big mess and now id trying to come back. She started a relation with her father soon after her mother passed away. They were fine for about 2 years then she met a guy at work that made her head and left everything behind and...

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Visiting Dad at his...

26 Oct 2017


Her Dad is a carpenter and she grow up between hammers and saws and since her parents got divorced she visits him very often, she says he doesn't know how to take care of himself but maybe that it's not the real reason for her to show up so many times after...

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Daughter and friend at...

25 Oct 2017


That's why she prefers to stay at her Dad's. It's always fun, so fun that even her friend always wants to go with her. Weekends with Dad are the best and they like to show it on the webcam when her Dad comes home and joins them in her bedroom.

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Daughter paying for...

13 Oct 2017


She was invited to join a band but it seems she didn't had any of the necessary gear to play so she tried a loan with her father but she was already owning him money he lend her to buy her car so this time he asked to be paid half in advance while her mother...

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Daughter gives the...

12 Oct 2017


She says that when her mother is not at home it's always fun with Dad. He's kind of addicted to her big tits, mom's aren't enough and she has big ones too, she says. This time he decided to make a video because he would go away from home for a few weeks on...

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Back to her Dad

21 Sep 2017


When her father got married for the second time she and her father decided to stop having sex. One after she got married and every thing seemed forgotten. But no. Her father got married with a 15 yo older woman that didn't had much sexual appetite. The...

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How she likes to play...

19 Sep 2017


She says her father always liked to play but since they went online with the webcam things became even more interesting and she learns a lot from the old guy.

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With her father in the...

11 Sep 2017


She loves to have her Dad back home. When he's away she takes care of his apartment and this was her way of welcome him after being abroad for 3 months. Since he got divorced from her mother it been like this, what her mother never found out was her daughter...

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Dad gives a hand at...

24 Aug 2017


Unemployed father gives a hand with her daughter's business. Well, not just a hand. She told her father he could earn some money if he works for her helping out with her webcam shows. At first he didn't know what it was webcam shows but soon he understood...

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Dad give it to me....

21 Jul 2017


He said he tease her for a few days and on that day she was feeling ready, so ready she was begging to get fucked, the only problem was that they didn't know where her mother went and she could be home any minute, but she was so desperate they took the chance...

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Visiting his daughter...

26 Jun 2017


He said that only knew he had a 18 yo daughter a 8 years ago. She's married and has kids and since his wife died he started to go to Brazil often to see her and her family. Last year her husband left her and she started to have money problems so she made a an...

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Father and daughter on...

09 Jun 2017


He says that he's having sex with his 22 yo daughter since 3 years but 1 year ago he got divorced from her mother and had a job offer to work abroad so he had to leave Canada. He returns twice a year on holidays and normally spends 2 weeks alone with his...

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Step-father was having...

07 Jun 2017


She says that when her mother found out she was fucking with her husband she was pissed off. She says it append and who told her mother to get married with a 15 years younger and horny guy. She's 20, the guy is 25 and her mother is 40. She made it sure her...

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Dad, can you help me...

03 Jun 2017


She says she always gets what she wants from men and she doesn't have any problem in doing what she has to do to get it. Her last boyfriend left her and took her car and everything she had of value in her house so she had to find someone to help her, and the...

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On her Dad's lap

26 May 2017


When she turned 18 yo she left Brazil were she lived with her mother and went to live with her father in Canada. She said she wanted to study but that quickly was forgotten and started to work as a waitress in a restaurant. Her father started to notice she...

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Dad and daughter from...

16 Mar 2017


He says that it's recent and they are a kind of obsessed about it. He says that he leaves his work for an hour or so, in the middle of the day to go home and have sex with his daughter. He says is the only way because is the only time his daughter is home...

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Lunch time with her...

11 Mar 2017


The all family works on the coffee fields in Colombia and because her father drives one of the trucks he normally comes home for lunch while her mother and 4 brothers stay at the fields until the end of the day. Her job is to stay at home and do everything,...

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When her mother is not...

10 Mar 2017


She says that she always liked to tease her step-father. Every time she could she liked to remember him what he could have if he wanted it. It was only a mater of time and she got want she wanted. Now when her mother is at work she has sex with her...

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Daughter gets her new...

25 Feb 2017


It seems that a few years ago his older daughter run away with one of his employees but things didn't last long between them and she had to come back and ask to her father to forgive her for not listen to him and run away. He told her he would help and gave...

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